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RS 2007 Items
3rd age mage hat$5.30
3rd age platebody$48.40
3rd age platelegs$33.25
3rd age range coif$4.98
3rd age range legs$12.24
3rd age range top$21.47
3rd age robe$15.03
3rd age robe top$35.61
3rd age wand$194.99
3rd age druidic cloak$990.36
3rd age druidic robe bottoms$1993.33
3rd age druidic robe top$1950.49
3rd age druidic staff$482.88
Twisted Bow$972.99
Inquisitor's great helm

Inquisitor's hauberk$111.75
Inquisitor's plateskirt$123.55
Inquisitor's mace
Eldritch orb$24.93
Harmonised orb$699.99
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